General Manager

The fearless leader of our store is the first guy in in the morning and the last guy out in the evening. Impossible to describe the dedication of our GM. We wouldn't be where we are today without this guy.

Larry (Renzo, Big L., etc.)

General Manager / Sales Manager
Larry has been working with BMW's for the majority of his life. Larry started with BMW as a car mechanic but eventually found his calling to be with the two-wheeled variety of BMW's. Larry has headed the BMW Motorcycle operation in San Francisco for more than 15 years and we are proud to have him as the leader of our team. Larry has an enormous amount of product knowledge and a deep enthusiasm for the BMW brand both of which make him a tremendous resource to our staff and customers alike. After sampling various new BMW's via our constantly rotating demo fleet, Larry's recently decided to take the road less traveled by purchasing and kitting out a G650X Country. Larry's plan is to build a super commuter out of the X Country and then see if it's possible to build up to a long-distance adventure thumper. Should be interesting given the X Country's relatively small stock fuel capacity. But if it were easy, everybody would do it and where the fun in that! Once Larry's X Country experiment has run its course we expect he'll be digging his teeth into another unique ride... Maybe an Alta for commuting across the Bridge???

Sales Department

All the fun starts on the salesfloor and we've worked hard to create a low-pressure environment with an emphasis on motorcycle enthusiasm and enjoyment as opposed to arm-twisting sales tactics. We hope you'll visit us soon to meet our salesteam and learn more about the BMWMCSF way of doing business.


Sales Associate
Wellesley has been in and around the motorcycle industry for a long time but has found a real home here at BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco. The proud owner of a 2018 R 1200 GS Adventure, Wellesley is a big fan of the larger adventures bikes but has plenty of experience with all kinds of motorcycles. If you have questions about what bike might be right for you, don't hesitate to contact Wellesley, he'll steer you in the right direction.


Sales Associate
Naresh is another long-time motorcycle enthusiast that has been riding bikes since he was just a wee lad. If you ask Naresh to name the various motorcycles he's ridden or owned over the years, make yourself comfortable and be prepared for a lengthy list. What makes Naresh's experience so special is that he's ridden pretty much everything from small displacement 2-strokes to massive cruisers and all that's in between. For a while Naresh was riding an HP-4 but he's now rocking an R 1200 GS as his daily rider. Just another example of when presented with a lot of different motorcycles to ride, the R 1200 GS comes out on top!

Parts Department

Our parts department is here to help you maxmize your enjoyment of the sport of motorcycling. The parts folks always aim to have a wide selection of accessories, parts and apparel for you to browse in our showroom but if there's something you've been looking for and haven't found it yet, contact our parts department so we can try to help out.


Parts Manager
Our in-house style maven, Matt comes to us after a distinguished career in the Marines that took him around the world from Iraq to the Pentagon and everywhere in-between. Somewhere along the way Matt picked up an eye for “cool” we feel is second to none. He was the first to recognize the great stuff coming out of Unit Garage, Rizoma, and a list of other aftermarket suppliers and is always hunting more sweet product to add that final ‘mmmph’ to your ride. Now that Matt has taken over the role of Parts Manager he'll be working hard with the rest of our parts staff to get you the parts you want and need quickly and professionally. When he's not hustling around the shop, Matt can usually be found at a vintage bike swap meet or wrenching his fleet of esoteric classics. His main ride’s a NineT to die for!


Parts Service Liason/Customer Motorcycle Specialist
Tim comes to us straight from the source. Before coming to the United States, Tim worked at the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin where he led visitors on tours and assisted BMW with all sorts of special projects. After completing his work at university and earning his engineering degree, Tim decided to move to the U.S. to learn all about BMW Motorrad at the dealership level. All of his work is top notch and as such you'll probably see Tim working in a variety of rolls around the shop in the coming years as he continues to build on his experience.


Parts Associate
Marcelo is our mutli-lingual, friendly parts counter guy that now rides an S 1000 R. Marcelo is all about helping other riders whether they be from down the street or across the globe. If you are looking for a special new accessory or some new riding gear, swing by and Marcelo will be able to assist you in a pleasant, professional manner you just don't get in many bike stores. Marcelo speaks English, Spanish and Portugese so feel free to email him directly if you have a question that you would like to ask in Spanish or Portugese.


Parts Associate
Gavin was in the Navy before landing at BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco and we couldn't be happier to have him aboard. As another motorcycle enthusiast, Gavin is eager to learn about the motorcycle business and the operations of the parts department in particular. Polite and courteous, Gavin has the right approach to fit in perfectly with the team here at BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco and is soaking up new information like a sponge. If you get a chance, introduce yourself to Gavin next time you're in the shop or test him with some obscure parts look up question. We think you'll like how Gavin operates!

Service Department

The (sometimes) greasy guys in the back of the shop that keep the BMW Motorcycles of the Bay Area rolling year-round. We're very proud of our crew and invite you to learn more about us here.


Service Manager
Mario is a BMW Certified Master Technician and now our Service Manager. After years working on the line fixing and building BMW Motorcycles, Mario is now working on the front end of our Service Department to help provide our customers with excellent customer service and in-depth technical insights. Our Project 'HP-T' was largely the result of Mario’s handiwork and vision and a major achievement for our shop. When not helping you get back on your bike quick, Mario can be found ripping Go-Quads through a parking lot near you. When you have questions on the hows and whys of your BMW Motorcycle, he’s most likely the one with answers. Mario has been with BMWMCSF since Day 1 and has proven time and again we got lucky the first time. Mario’s riding an F 800 R on his daily commute making the round trip to Concord and making his way to the coveted BMW 100,000 mile award.


Service Advisor
Thames has been an off and on San Francisco resident for a number of years but most recently he was living down in Texas when he felt the urge to get back to The City. After spending time with some orange bikes from Austria, Thames is now very pleased to be in the BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco family, working hard every day to help our customers. We really appreciate Thames' willingness to pitch in wherever there is a need and his quick wit. Sometimes I have to think a second or two about a comment Thames slips in to a conversation but by the time I'm up to speed, I'm smiling or laughing right along with him.

Alycia (Aly)

Service Booking Advisor / Parts Liaison
Aly was working our Parts counter when Dave transitioned to the Service desk. Having already impressed us with her abilities and personality, she was the perfect choice to run point for our Service team. Juggling a hundred calls per day while maintaining our booking schedule and keeping track of special orders is no small feat. Aly had to learn the job under fire so to speak, as she took the position at the height of the riding season. She continues to impress as her product knowledge and confidence grow. Aly commutes across the Bridge daily on her CBR 900RR, but give us some time, we’ll get her on a BMW one day!


Certified Master Technician
Eli brings a lifetime of technical experience to our Service Department, with over 16 years dedicated solely to the BMW brand. An ex-motorcycle racer and avid sailor, Ely has seen and done just about everything in the bike world and is back in the Bay Area after working for one of the largest BMW Dealerships in Colorado. In addition to running point on our Madusa S1000RR build, Eli ran our shop before taking a year-long hiatus from wrenching. We’re delighted to have him back, along with the unique skill sets he possesses. Eli rolls an 8GS at the moment but spends an awful lot of time in the showroom so who knows?


Having started as our Shop Assistant, Andrew has worked his way up and is now twisting wrenches full time. With the expert tutelage of Mario and years of garage wrenching under his belt, Andrew is growing into a top-notch tech at an impressive rate. As time progresses, we expect Andrew to get fully certified by BMW so no job is too much for him. In the meantime, Andrew will take great care of your bike when it's in for tires, oil changes, etc. Andrew has a number of bikes but I just saw him roll out of the parking lot on a Yamaha FZ-Oh-Something-Or-Other so I think that's his new daily ride.


Sami completed his technical training at the Motorcycle Mechanic's Institute and then made the big move to the Bay Area to start his career in the motorcycle industry under the watchful eye of Mario and the whole team here at BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco. Although Sami is young, he's got a great attitude and approach to his work. We expect big things from Sami (no pressure) and look forward to watching him develop as time marches along.


Shop Assistant
Claudio is another hard-working motorcycle enthusiast that we are happy to have on the team here at BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco. Claudio helps out with a multitude of jobs around the shop and helps keep things running smoothly. With a few sweetly customized motorcycles to his name, we're always looking forward to what Claudio will ride up on next.

Dealer Principal

The paper-pusher... Loves motorcycles but spends most of his days in an office with no windows. Always enjoys busy Saturdays when he comes out of his cave to help the sales department with demo rides, etc.


Dealer Principal
Eric and his dad, Steve, took ownership of the BMW Motorcycle franchise here in San Francisco in April of 2008. Since that time Eric has been acting as the business manager/controller/dealer principal, meaning he pushes a lot of papers around most days. Some of you might remember Eric from the old 'car store days' when he worked as a parts counterperson upstairs in the motorcycle department. Eric's still riding his trusty F800S but made the crazy (AWESOME!!!) decision to have Eli graft an S1000RR front-end onto his bike a little while back. With that upgrade out of the way, Eric's focused on hitting 100k miles on the 800 before retiring it from the daily commute. Gotta love the durability of these 800's!