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General Manager

The fearless leader of our store is the first guy in in the morning and the last guy out in the evening. Impossible to describe the dedication of our GM. We wouldn't be where we are today without this guy.

Larry (Renzo, Big L., etc.)

General Manager / Sales Manager
Larry has been working with BMW's for the majority of his life. Larry started with BMW as a car mechanic but eventually found his calling to be with the two-wheeled variety of BMW's. Larry has headed the BMW Motorcycle operation in San Francisco for close to 15 years and we are proud to have him as the leader of our team. Larry has an enormous amount of product knowledge and a deep enthusiasm for the BMW brand both of which make him a tremendous resource to our staff and customers alike. After sampling various new BMW's via our constantly rotating demo fleet, Larry's recently decided to take the road less traveled by purchasing and kitting out a G650X Country. Larry's plan is to build a super commuter out of the X Country and then see if it's possible to build up to a long-distance adventure thumper. Should be interesting given the X Country's relatively small stock fuel capacity. But if it were easy, everybody would do it and where the fun in that! Once Larry's X Country experiment has run its course we expect he'll be digging his teeth into a new BMW... Possibly a NineT :-)

Sales Department

All the fun starts on the salesfloor and we've worked hard to create a low-pressure environment with an emphasis on motorcycle enthusiasm and enjoyment as opposed to arm-twisting sales tactics. We hope you'll visit us soon to meet our salesteam and learn more about the BMWMCSF way of doing business.


Sales Associate
John joins the BMWMCSF sales department after cutting his teeth in the motorcycle industry at some local metric shops. John is a motorcycling enthusiast through and through and loves to talk and ride bikes of all kinds. We have no idea how many different bikes John owns at any given time but we can say with certainty that it's a couple more than a few. We're very pleased to have John on the team and know that our customers appreciate his calm, cool demeanor while assisting with their purchase of a new or pre-owned motorcycle.


Markus came to our dealership in late 2011 and started his career in the parts department. After mastering the parts counter and absorbing a massive amount of product knowledge, Markus has made the move to the vehicle salesfloor. Markus is loving life in sales and has found his experience in the parts department to be invaluable while assisting customers with the accessorization and customization of their new and pre-owned motorcycle purchases. After riding a Honda CBR for a few years, Markus has bumped up to a BMW S1000RR is all smiles.

Parts Department

Our parts department is here to help you maxmize your enjoyment of the sport of motorcycling. The parts folks always aim to have a wide selection of accessories, parts and apparel for you to browse in our showroom but if there's something you've been looking for and haven't found it yet, contact our parts department so we can try to help out.


Parts Manager
Bill is another carry over from the old "car store" days and has been the acting motorcycle parts manager for over 7 years. Bill has exceptional organizational skills and has utilized our high-density storage cabinets to great effect, keeping all commonly used parts in stock in our small San Francisco warehouse. Bill is a tremendous team member and is constantly looking for hot new products to fill our showroom. If you have an accessory that you really like, let Bill know so we can spread the word!


Parts Associate
Kent is a fully-trained and factory-certified motorcycle mechanic that has made a smooth transition from the workbench to the parts counter. Kent's impressive linguistic skills (we think he's conversational in, like, 5 languages) have proven incredibly useful while assisting our international customers. Like, Dean, Kent is a motorcycle-enthusiast through and through and genuinely enjoys helping with motorcycle inquiries and issues of all kinds. If you're looking for a specific part or have just a vague concept of a dream customization, Kent'll help you out.


Parts Associate
Kyle is real BMW Motorcycle enthusiast and the proud owner of a K 75 and R 100 GS. Initially, we brought Kyle on board as a Shop Assistant but his enthusiasm and positivity quickly convinced us that he'd be a great fit for the parts counter. With personal, hands-on experience working with BMW bikes (new and old) Kyle is also a great resource for DIY'ers.


Parts and Service Liaison
While attending Wyotech's motorcycle technician course Matt signed up as our Shop Assistant and has been over achieving ever since. Since coming onboard, Matt's been cheerfully assisting our parts and service departments while learning the motorcycle industry from the ground up. After completing an impressive career in the Marines, Matt just loves being around motorcycles and that's the kind of attitude we can't get enough of around here. With a few months of Shop Assistant experience under his belt, we decided it was time to bump Matt up to a parts position where assists our service department with all of their parts needs. As expected, he's continuing to impress in his new role.

Service Department

The (sometimes) greasy guys in the back of the shop that keep the BMW Motorcycles of the Bay Area rolling year-round. We're very proud of our crew and invite you to learn more about us here.


Service Advisor
Fredy is our most experienced service advisor and a guy that is accustomed to operating under pressure. With a background in office and restaurant management, Fredy is no stranger to heavy work loads or multi-tasking which is great for us because the service desk is one of the most demanding positions in our operation. Fredy rides a 2012 F 800 GS that be bought from the shop and has been using as his daily workhorse ever since. Now that Fredy has converted, a solid 50% of our staff ride BMW 800's to work.


Service Advisor
Rich is a fully-certified BMW technician, but given his strong communication skills, having him twisting wrenches all day seemed like kind of a waste, so we put him at a service desk. And this has proven to be a good call! After 5+ years at our shop, Rich has earned a well-deserved reputation as a friendly, reliable advocate for our customers. Rich picked up a beautiful 30th Anniversary F800GS and has been happily commuting across the Bay on the 800 ever since.


Service Assistant
Dave came to our shop and busted his behind for a couple years as our shop assistant before making the jump to the 'Service Assistant' position. With an intimate understanding of the inner-workings of our motorcycle service department, Dave is now charged with setting appointments and assisting with general service-related inquiries. This position is challenging but we know Dave is up for it! Dave was riding a F800ST until a little 'too close encounter' with one of those four-wheeled things that crowd our otherwise beautiful roadways. Dave then had an SV650 for a little bit but he's now back in the market for a BMW.


Shop Foreman / Master Technician
Eli joined the BMWMCSF team in July of 2010 and has been impressing all of us ever since. Having worked on BMW Motorcycles for many years (most recently for a BMW dealership in Colorado), Eli is very familiar with and skilled at diagnosing, repairing and servicing the bikes we specialize in. In less than a year's time, we'd seen enough of Eli's cool temperment and comprehensive technical abilities to confidently promote him to the position of 'Shop Foreman'. With Eli as a mentor, we expect our whole crew of technicians to just keep getting better and better. Eli currently rides an F 800 GS to and from work on a daily basis. Hopefully, Eli will be a part of our team for years to come because he's a real talent.


Master Technician
With six solid years of BMW wrenching under his belt, Mario has proven time and again that he possesses a rare set of technical abilities. Throughout his time with us, Mario's continued to methodically and accurately work through some of our most challenging jobs. Having received his master certification in 2009, Mario is fully capable of handling anything we throw at him. Mario's GSX-R 600 is no more and he's EXTREMELY excited to now be riding a BMW F800R on his daily commute. Mario now understands what we've all been saying for years about heated grips.


Mike is a Bay Area native that has been around machinery his entire life. Not wanting to waste time messing around, Mike rides a 2014 BMW S1000RR and seems to get places... Quickly :-) After completing high school in the East Bay, Mike attended Motorcycle Mechanic's Institute (MMI) achieving BMW certification status along the way. After gaining some real world experience at a local independent BMW shop, Mike was ready to make the jump to a dealership service department. With an excellent attitude and solid technical abilities, we believe Mike has immense potential and look forward to helping him become a Master Certified BMW Motorcycle Technician.


Omar has been working as a motorcycle technician for quite some time, but was most recently working as an instructor at a Bay Area motorcycle technical institute before coming to work with us. Omar's got the same calm, methodical approach to service, diagnostic and repair work that we've seen in all of the best technicians. With Omar's wealth of experience on a variety of brands, we're confident he'll acquire his BMW master certification in very short order.

Business Manager

The paper-pusher... Loves motorcycles but spends most of his days in an office with no windows. Always enjoys busy Saturdays when he comes out of his cave to help the sales department with demo rides, etc.


Business Manager / Dealer Principal
Eric and his dad, Steve, took ownership of the BMW Motorcycle franchise here in San Francisco in April of 2008. Since that time Eric has been acting as the business manager/controller, meaning he pushes a lot of papers around most days. Some of you might remember Eric from the old 'car store days' when he worked as a parts counterperson upstairs in the motorcycle department. Eric's still riding his trusty F800S but made the crazy (AWESOME!!!) decision to have Eli graft an S1000RR front-end onto his bike a little while back. With that upgrade out of the way, Eric's focused on hitting 100k miles on the 800 before retiring it from the daily commute. Gotta love the durability of these 800's!
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