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r1200r_appearance_200_150.jpgAPPEARANCE: The 'stripped-down', naked styling of the R1200R is hugely popular amongst motorcycle purists that rather would see the mechanical 'guts' of a motorcycle than panels of colored plastic but that doesn't mean R12R's can't be customized. With the 2011 release of the R1200R Classic, BMW has shown one way to tweak this amazing platform. We've got a number of parts to help you put your own spin on the R 1200 R.

r1200r_performance_200_150.jpgPERFORMANCE: The BMW R1200R is a motorcycle that surprises almost everyone the first time they take one for a test-ride. Thanks to the torquey Boxer motor, Telelever front suspension and a short wheelbase the R1200R is one QUICK motorcycle but you still might want that little bit extra. To really shock your sportbike riding friends, slap a throaty aftermarket exhaust and a set of performance shocks on your 12R and then just head for the twisties.

r1200r_protection_200_150.jpgPROTECTION: One of the best things about the R1200R is how durable and practical it is. Those Boxer cylinder heads can save your ankles and lower legs in the event of an accident while the lack of expensive body panels can save your pocketbook thousands. To further reduce potentially costly repairs, we recommend crash bars and/or cylinder protectors which will help keep your bike on the road in the event of a tip-over or minor spill. Plus, these protective accessories further enhance the look of the R 1200 R.

r1200r_ergonomics_200_150.jpgERGONOMICS: The R1200R is the smallest of the BMW Boxer family which makes it accessible to a large number of riders. With some slight tweaks and equipment changes you can really customize your R12R to fit you perfectly. Check out our ergo’ recommendations for R1200R’s in this section. For the maxmium number of options make sure you check out the Wunderlich link towards the bottom of the page.

r1200r_lighting_200_150.jpgLIGHTING: The simple single headlight of the R1200R is a distinctive design feature of the 'naked' Boxer but at times riders will want more illumination. If you're touring at night or simply commuting through congested city centers, extra lighting helps you see and be seen. Here are some great options to brighten your R1200R.

r1200r_luggage_200_150.jpgLUGGAGE: With the proper luggage setup the R1200R can provide riders with as much storage as full on touring motorcycles, while maintaining its' stylish looks. For the most 'stealthy' setup we recommend BMW brand hard cases. The BMW mounts are very well integrated into the tail of the bike and will be almost indistinguishable when the cases are removed.

r1200r_windshields_200_150.jpgWINDSHIELDS: Without a windshield of some kind, long-distance touring on the R1200R can be difficult. Thankfully, there are a large number of windshields and bolt-on fairings that will help you keep the elements at bay on longer rides. As is often the case, Wundelich has an excellent selection of windshields for the R12R so make sure you check the link to our WunderlichSF catalog.

r1200r_special_P&A_200_150.jpgSPECIAL PARTS: The R1200R is a blank canvas when it rolls off the showroom floor and is the perfect bike to take to the extremes of customization. We've assembled a few of the parts that we've found that defy standard categorization and put them in this section. If you're really looking to trick out your R12R set aside an hour or two and check out all 108 pages of the R1200R WunderlichSF catalog.

r1200r_gear_200_150.jpgGEAR: As with every motorcycle, we highly recommend wearing proper motorcycle gear when riding your R1200R. What style of gear you choose to wear is up to you because the R12R crosses over a number of categories. Typically, touring and urban riding gear work well for R12R riders but that doesn't mean you can't wear a Rallye suit!

350_wunderlich_blue_logo.gifWunderlich has a huge selection of parts and accessories to customize your R1200R. Click here or on the big 'W' to view the R1200R section of the Wunderlich online catalog. Please be advised that Wunderlich products must be ordered through our WunderlichSF store and will not be placed in our standard shopping cart. For instructions on using the Wunderlich online catalog please open the catalog and click on the 'Instructions' drop-down button under the 'Miscellaneous' tab. The staff at BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco will fill and ship your Wunderlich orders so please contact our parts department at 415-503-9956 or via e-mail at mcparts@bmwmotorcycle.com if you have any Wunderlich-related questions.


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