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k1300s_appearance_200_150.jpgAPPEARANCE: To give your K1300S a unique, custom look we suggest the use of lots of carbon fiber. Nothing says performance and luxury quite as well as carbon fiber bodywork so we've gone ahead and compiled a solid list of CF bits that'll complete your K13S. But, if you don't like carbon we've got other ways to add a little bit of bling to your ride K-bike.

k1300s_performance_200_150.jpgPERFORMANCE: The BMW K1300S has a lot of power 'bone stock' but that doesn't mean you can't get a few more hp's by swapping a couple of parts. Aftermarket exhaust systems will help your bike breath while saving a substantial amount of weight. But, if you're really looking to lower lap times think suspension mods. We recommend Ohlins shocks front and rear.

k1300s_protection_200_150.jpgPROTECTION: TO keep you BMW K1300S in tip-top shape we highly recommend frame sliders, axle sliders and a final drive slider. These handy little plastic pucks can save you thousands of dollars and plenty of hassle if you are ever to drop or crash your 1300. A tank protector to save your paint from belt buckles is another easy way to prevent silly wear areas.

k1300s_ergonomics_200_150.jpgERGONOMICS: Here you will find the parts and accessories to help you customize the riding position of your K1300S to perfectly fit you. For those looking to tour, we highly recommend some kind of bar riser setup to allow a more upright posture while cruising. For those looking for a more aggressive setup, try replacing standard footpegs with HP adjustable rearsets.

k1300s_lighting_200_150.jpgLIGHTING: Brighter or supplemental lighting can really help you stay safe while navigating the crazy roads of the real world, which is why we carry a variety of driving, fog and HID lights that can be mounted to K1300S's. PLEASE be aware that replacing your standard headlight bulbs with aftermarket halogen or HID bulbs may violate local laws. Check with your local DMV office or police department to confirm.

k1300s_luggage_200_150.jpgLUGGAGE: With all day comfort and an engine that just wants to run the K1300S is a very real option for touring types, but you'll want some luggage. BMW's Sport Cases are excellent, expandable saddlebags that fit well with the look and lines of the K1300S, but if you still need more space consider a tank bag and possibly tail bag to maximize storage space.

k1300s_windshield_200_150.jpgWINDSHIELDS: The standard windscreen of the K1300S is very effective for most riders, but some taller or long-distance riders may want even more coverage which is where aftermarket windshield suppliers can help out. Others may simply want to augment the sporty, aggressive look of the K13S with a dark tinted screen that retains the shape of the standard OEM screen.

k1300s_special_p&a_200_150.jpgSPECIAL PARTS: This is the section for all of the miscellaneous, cool stuff that is made for the K1300S but defies standard classification. We also put GPS mounts into this category so look no further if that is what you seek. If you are looking for something in particular that you haven't seen here, e-mail us know so we can help!

k1300s_gear_200_150.jpgGEAR: Proper riding gear is HIGHLY recommended while operating any motorcycle and even more so while at the controls of a 175 hp K1300S. Even though the K13S has some of the best brakes in the biz, all kinds of things can happen out there and a strong layer of leather or synthetic textile between you and the asphalt can make an immense difference in the event of an accident.

350_wunderlich_blue_logo.gifWunderlich has a huge selection of parts and accessories to customize your K1300S. Click here or on the big 'W' to view the K1300S section of the Wunderlich online catalog. Please be advised that Wunderlich products must be ordered through our WunderlichSF store and will not be placed in our standard shopping cart. For instructions on using the Wunderlich online catalog please open the catalog and click on the 'Instructions' drop-down button under the 'Miscellaneous' tab. The staff at BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco will fill and ship your Wunderlich orders so please contact our parts department at 415-503-9956 or via e-mail at mcparts@bmwmotorcycle.com if you have any Wunderlich-related questions.


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