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With all these great new bikes from BMW we're staying very busy down here at the corner of 6th and Bryant and as a result are currently looking to fill a position at the retail parts counter. Below is the job description for the Parts Associate position, as well as some basic requirements. If you are interested in and believe yourself qualified for this job, please e-mail resume and cover letter to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Parts Advisor / Parts Counterperson

Job Purpose

  • Supplies motorcycle parts and accessories over the counter, through the service department, via e-mail or on the phone to meet all customer needs.
  • Ensure appropriate stock and inventory of parts and accessories.
  • Promote, represent and define BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco as the premier BMW retail environment through exceptional customer service and total commitment to teamwork.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Greet and serve every customer courteously and promptly. Answer questions and assist them in identifying and obtaining needed parts. When unable to assist customers immediately, recognize and explain delay to the waiting party.
  • Handle orders and requests for information efficiently via telephone and e-mail as well as over-the-counter customers. Specify and identify parts needed to meet customer requirements, so that number of parts returns due to errors is low. Use parts equipment and information resources to accurately identify needed parts.
  • Actively solicit sales and suggest selling of service-related parts in conjunction with the service department. Use brochures and merchandise displays as sales aides. Display seasonal parts attractively.
  • Achieve BMW motorcycle retail center goals for parts sales by generating high:

sales of BMW motorcycle parts and accessories

number of repair orders processed

parts and accessories sales per order

  • Maintain accurate sales and inventory records of all line items. Cost-out parts and accessories on repair orders.
  • Maintain and prepare records by saving appropriate invoices, maintaining customer back-order file, and receiving and duplicating repair orders.
  • Record lost sales due to unavailability of parts.
  • Ensure all parts are charged to retail invoices, internal invoices or repair orders.
  • Maintain inventory on shelves and in bins by reporting items needing to be reordered, identifying any discrepancies in stock levels, and returning unsold items to stock. Replenish assigned inventory daily. Notify parts manager of out-of-stock parts or materials that need immediate attention.
  • Physically count parts on a regular basis to ensure a highly accurate inventory management system.
  • Communicate frequently with parts manager and offer suggestions that will allow the parts department to react quickly when the demands of consumers shift.
  • Properly log requests for non-stock or special order parts. Follow up on special ordered items, and notify the customer or service advisors when received. Locate out-of-stock parts from outside source and submit an emergency order, if necessary.
  • Maintain the appearance and cleanliness of counters, displays, shelves, bins, and customer contact area by following good housekeeping procedures.
  • Tag and describe all displayed items to better inform customers of available products.
  • Rotate and move display parts on a regular basis to maximize customer interest and identify low volume items for closeout.
  • Maintain a professional appearance that allows customers to easily recognize you as a member of the BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco team. All shirts (tucked in, unless a polo or other style meant to be worn out is worn) and outerwear worn on the upper body must be either BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco apparel or BMW Motorcycles (BMW Motorrad) branded apparel. Hats are allowed but must be BMW brand. Pants must be clean, but do not require any affiliation with the BMW brand or the shop.
  • Cooperate with and assist other staff members in the preparation of orders for delivery or by performing other job-related tasks as assigned by supervision.
  • Upgrade knowledge of motorcycle products and services by on-the-job training and participating in educational and development programs. Become familiar with and recognize all sources of product and technical information to develop knowledge and expertise.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Act as ambassador of the store whenever necessary and appropriate. When possible, greet and assist any customers that enter the store and are not immediately received due to an abundance of activity in other departments. Alert the proper team member or management that a client is in need of assistance as soon as possible.
  • Adhere to all codes of conduct and policies outlined within the Motorrad LLC Employee Handbook
  • Develop and maintain, at minimum, a basic knowledge of BMW's new motorcycle lineup and the related accessories available from BMW and other popular aftermarket manufacturers for each model.

Position Requirements


Must have valid M1 motorcycle endorsement. Prior parts handling experience preferred.


Excellent communication abilities. Good organizational skills. Clean and neat appearance. Proactive rather than reactive approach in the workplace.


High school or equivalent

Please e-mail resumes and cover letters to

Now Hiring Sales Associate

As demand for BMW Motorcycles continues to rise throughout the Bay Area, we've come to the realization that we need another full-time salesperson to help us meet the needs of our customers. If you enjoy being around and talking about motorcycles and can envision yourself making a living selling them, we want to hear from you! Please read through the following job description and if you think you can deliver what we're asking for, please send a resume and cover letter to our sales manager Abby Baldini at


Job Purpose

  • Promotes and sells BMW motorcycle products: new and pre-owned motorcycles, accessories, service, and BMW Motorrad USA sponsored events.
  • Achieves retail center's gross profit, volume, and customer satisfaction objectives.
  • Builds and maintains long-term, one-to-one relationships with BMW motorcycle customers, serving as the first point of contact between the customer and BMW Motorycles of San Francisco.
  • Anticipates customers' long-term vehicle and service needs throughout the customer's relationship with BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco
  • Establish BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco as the premier BMW Motorrad retail center through exceptional customer service, lifestyle promotion, and a focus on a positive team and community building attitude.

Skills and Attributes

  • Prior experience preferred in motorcycle or automotive sales. Experience in managing and organizing work time and activities
  • Proven communication skills
  • Demonstrated motivation to sell
  • Professional appearance
  • Able to learn details and processes easily

We look forward to hearing from you and will do our best to respond with a confirmation e-mail within 5 business days.

Now Hiring MotorcycleTech

We're looking to hire a BMW Motorcycle technician to join the service department here at BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco. Thanks to the California climate and the incredible popularity of BMW Motorcycles throughout the Bay Area, our repair and maintenance services are always in demand. If you have the skills to work on BMW Motorcycles and are looking to be part of a professional, metropolitan dealership we'd like to hear from you. Please read the following short job description and, if you are interested in the position, send a resume and cover letter to our general manager, Larry Saenz at


Job Purpose:

  • Diagnose, repair and maintain BMW motorcycles in accordance with BMW Motorrad USA and BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco standards
  • Promote and attain BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco standards for superior workmanship
  • Help maintain an exceptional BMW retail environment for all clients
  • Act as a technical resource for other team members and customers, if and when needed. It is expected that non-technician staff members will exhaust all other sources of information before asking for assistance from a technician, but all questions are to be answered if within the scope of technician's knowledge
  • Work as a team always, when necessary, collaborating to properly diagnose and repair motorcycles
  • Adhere to all codes of conduct and policies outlined within the BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco employee handbook
  • Wear uniforms when provided and appropriate work related clothing at all times
  • Whenever direct contact with customers is required be courteous and professional

Skills and Attributes

  • Ability to read and comprehend instructions and information.
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Technically knowledgeable, experienced or trainable on BMW motorcycle product line.
  • Technicians must possess all basic mechanical skills needed to perform expected job duties.
  • In addition to skills, every technician is expected to possess at least the minimum selection of tools needs to perform basic mechanical repairs and must demonstrate that they are willing and able to work in a safe and productive manner at all times.
  • Must possess sufficient strength and manual dexterity to achieve productivity targets.
  • Must be physically capable of standing and moving around service facility for the entirety of the scheduled work shift.
  • Must have a clean driving record and current motorcycle endorsement on driver's license.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for considering BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco!

BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco