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r1200rt_appeareance_200_150.jpgAPPEARANCE: With its' dynamic bodywork and smooth lines, the BMW R1200RT has a look like no other sport touring motorcycle on the market but you can still add some dress-up parts to help distinguish your ride from other RT's roaming the globe. We are particularly partial to the Wunderlich add-ons that help add extra color and highlight various elements of BMW's design (we'll have Wunderlich's catatlog online soon but for now please call us if you have questions regarding any of their products).

r1200rt_performance_200_150.jpgPERFORMANCE: The BMW R1200RT is a touring motorcycle that can handle its' fair share of aggressive, sporty riding and with some tweaks you can give your RT an even sharper edge when the roads get twisty or speeds start to climb. For non-ESA bikes, think about a set of Ohlins shocks and every RT motor can be uncorked a bit with the help of an aftermarket exhaust.

r1200rt_protection_200_150.jpgPROTECTION: The fairings and bodywork of the BMW R1200RT are designed to protect rider and passenger from the elements, which they do exceedingly well. Unfortunately, there isn't much to protect those painted panels, mirrors and saddlebags from the pavement in the event of a tip over or slow speed crash. Thankfully there are a number of products available that will soften the blow if your RT hits the deck. Here are our favorites.

r1200rt_ergonomic_200_150.jpgERGONOMICS: BMW offers a few different suspensions and seat options to help riders of various sizes feel comfortable and confident on the R1200RT, but some riders willl want to customize even more of their riding position. This is where bar risers, footpeg lowering kits and other creations of the aftermarket can pick up where BMW left off. Please be aware that some of these accessories will require pretty comprehensive installations, if you are uncomfortable performing the work yourself contact your local BMW dealer for assistance.

r1200rt_lighting_200_150.jpgLIGHTING: While riding an RT home the other day I thought, 'WOW, these headlights are bright!'... and then a truck cut me off. Point of the story is, the more lights and reflective material you have on your bike while navigating roads full of texting-cage-drivers the better off you'll be. Driving lights attached to forks, calipers or the underside of the bike's fairings create a triangle of lights which dramatically increases your visibility to other drivers.

r1200rt_luggage_200_150.jpgLUGGAGE: The R1200RT comes with paint matched sidebags from the factory, but if you're really taking off on a long haul you'll probably want additional storage space. BMW has an excellent tank bag and a massive top case that install in a snap (literaly) and will give you extra room for more jammies. If you don't mind more extensive installations, choices are also available in the aftermarket, sometimes with lower price tags.

r1200rt_windshield_200_150.jpgWINDSHIELDS: Thanks to its' infinitely-adjustable, electronic windscreen many riders will never wish for any more weather protection than what is provided by the stock 1200RT setup, but taller riders may want a little extra coverage. BMW doesn't offer alternate windshields for the RT but some aftermarket companies make screens in different shapes and sizes. Just remember, if you equip an aftermarket shield, adjust your screen while stopped or risk damaging the adjustment mechanism.

r1200rt_special_200_150.jpgSPECIAL PARTS: The R1200RT is an extremely popular motorcycle throughout the world which means there is a large number of enthusiasts creating miscellaneous parts to customize, accessorize or adapt their RT's. The bits and pieces that defy standard classification are grouped into this 'Special Parts' category. If you know of a cool, random part that fits RT's but you don't see on this page let us know as we're always looking for sweet new accessories.

r1200rt_gear_200_150.jpgGEAR: Regardless of where and how you ride your R1200RT, wearing the proper gear will keep you safer while making your riding experience more enjoyable. BMW has an excellent collection of textile touring gear and quite simlpy the best waterproof leather touring suit we've ever come across. Serious riders will appreciate the benefits and quality of the smaller pieces of gear, like socks, underwear and storm hoods. Plus a lot of this stuff works great for other outdoor activities like skiing or snowboarding.

350_wunderlich_blue_logo.gifWunderlich has a huge selection of parts and accessories to customize your R1200RT. Click here or on the big 'W' to view the R1200RT section of the Wunderlich online catalog. Please be advised that Wunderlich products must be ordered through our WunderlichSF store and will not be placed in our standard shopping cart. For instructions on using the Wunderlich online catalog please open the catalog and click on the 'Instructions' drop-down button under the 'Miscellaneous' tab. The staff at BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco will fill and ship your Wunderlich orders so please contact our parts department at 415-503-9956 or via e-mail at mcparts@bmwmotorcycle.com if you have any Wunderlich-related questions.


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