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APPEARANCE: These parts and accessories will help distinguish your R1200GS from the pack whether you're building a world traveller or a piece of rolling art. This is also the section to find some of the highest quality carbon fiber parts available for BMW's R1200GS.

Performance_200_150.jpgPERFORMANCE: In this category you will find products that will help you ride faster, more consistently through a variety of environments. GS riders, in particular, can appreciate that there is a lot more to going fast than just having the most horsepower. But please be nice to your buddies on sportbikes after you pass them in the twisties ;)

Protection_200_150.jpgPROTECTION: When the road gets rough and increasingly remote it's good to know that the critical elements of your motorcycle are protected by the proper equipment. Bolting a few of these parts onto your GS now could save you from getting stranded on your next ride. Or bolt a whole bunch of these parts on to give your GS that 'Mad Max' / 'Road Warrior' look.

Ergonomics_200_150.jpgERGONOMICS: GS riders come in all different sizes which means some ergonomic adjustments are often needed to maximize comfort for long trips and/or off-road riding. Here you will find a collection of seats, bar-risers, peg lowering kits and other items to enhance rider and passenger comfort on the R1200GS. TIP: Save your stock parts to increase resale value when the time comes. Potential buyers may be a foot taller or shorter than you and stock parts may work better for them.

Lighting_200_150.jpgLIGHTING: Being able to see and be seen on a motorcycle is an integral element of motorcycle safety. The lighting of the R1200GS may be sufficient for well-illuminated city streets but on isolated back roads extra lights are practically required. We also sell replacement side indicators to help increase visibility and durability. Like all things electrical, we strongly recommend installation be performed by your local BMW dealer. Remember tapping into your motorcycle's electrical system, if done incorrectly, can jeopardize your factory warranty!

Luggage_200_150.jpgLUGGAGE: As we've been saying for years, the R1200GS is extremely versatile and with the proper luggage the 12GS can transformed from a daily commuter to a world commuter in a matter of minutes. Aluminum cases are the most rugged while BMW's Vario Cases offer security and adjustability. Touratech makes so many bags for the big GS, it's hard to find a spot that a bag can't fit. Enjoy!

Windshields_200_150.jpgWINDSHIELDS: Different sized riders in different riding environments will want dramatically different protection from the wind and weather. Fitting an aftermarket windshield, lip or spoiler to your R1200GS is a great way to customize the way that the elements move around you and your motorcycle.

Special_200_150.jpgSPECIAL PARTS: Due to the incredible popularity and sales success of the R1200GS, there are all kinds of accessories specifically built to alter or improve upon an already fantastic model. We've compiled some of our favorite miscellaneous 12GS accessories and a number of GPS parts and put 'em here in the 'Special Parts' category.

Gear_200_150.jpgGEAR: Regardless of where you ride your GS, wearing the proper gear will dramatically increase your enjoyment and overall safety. By utilizing advanced materials and fabrics, BMW has earned a reputation for making some of the most durable, functional and comfortable rider's wear in the world. Our most popular suit, the BMW Rallye suit, has been the benchmark for dual-sport riding gear for years and the new Rallye 3 has just set the bar even higher. Once you ride with quality like this you'll never go back!

350_wunderlich_blue_logo.gifWunderlich has a huge selection of parts and accessories to customize your R1200GS. Click here or on the big 'W' to view the R1200GS section of the Wunderlich online catalog. Please be advised that Wunderlich products must be ordered through our WunderlichSF store and will not be placed in our standard shopping cart. For instructions on using the Wunderlich online catalog please open the catalog and click on the 'Instructions' drop-down button under the 'Miscellaneous' tab. The staff at BMW Motorcycles of San Francisco will fill and ship your Wunderlich orders so please contact our parts department at 415-503-9956 or via e-mail at mcparts@bmwmotorcycle.com if you have any Wunderlich-related questions.


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